The Seven Most Common Mistakes People Make When Building a House


Here is another one. Although this shouldn’t happen, many subs will cut more corners and use inferior materials when they don’t have a general contractor looking over their shoulders. And sadly, you won’t know about it until it is too late.

Here’s something you may not know. When a plumber works for you, he will charge you a higher price than he would charge a general contractor. Why? First, because he can. A general contractor can keep his costs down because the sub wants to keep working for him. You don’t have that luxury.  There is another reason subs charge you more. Homeowners can be hard to work for. A homeowner might say, “The knot hole on this flooring plank is not in perfect symmetry with the knot hole on this one. You will have to rip out the whole floor.” There really are people like that. Because there is the uncertainty of dealing with a homeowner and because the sub has no history with you and doesn’t know if he is going to get paid, he is going to charge a higher price to cover himself. That is just the way it is. And if every sub has done this, that house has cost you more than the general contractor would have charged, and you think you saved a fortune.

If there is an issue with the quality of the work done, he is more likely to bend over backwards to make the general contractor happy than he would you. Like I said, he is not going to have to work with you again. And last, here is a biggie. You do not have the knowledge to monitor the quality of work that is being done on your house. A serious error could have been made in the foundation which will cost thousands of dollars down the road. Because you are not an expert, you may not find out about this for weeks. By that time he has already cashed his check. Good luck getting your money back. Now, if you had a general contractor working on your house and that happened to him, he would have to pay to get this corrected, not you.

Can you tell I am really serious about this? And no, I am not getting kickbacks from the contractor’s association.

Number 2

Here is the second big mistake that is made over and over again. People think they’re smart to save money by not buying good house plans. Please take my advice. Get and use a good set of plans. I can’t stress that enough. You might think I am just a wee bit prejudiced since that is my business but I am serious.

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