The Seven Most Common Mistakes People Make When Building a House


Number 7

OK, Here is the last one. Decide what your needs are before you build and then build to meet those needs. If you know that children are in your future, build with them in mind. If it is elderly care, plan for that as well. If this is to be your retirement home, what will your needs be then?  Does your home need to have wheelchair access?  Here is something to consider. If you need more square footage than you can afford at the present time, consider lowering the cost of the replaceable interior appointments.  Use a cheaper grade of carpet, cabinets, windows, and even doors because these will all need to be replaced eventually anyway. You can upgrade at that time. It would be much harder to add square footage then. There is nothing worse than building a new house that is already too small the day that you move in.

OK, so what’s the bottom line here? You have spent the last few minutes reading about some mistakes that can cost you money, lots of money, and of course aggravation. No one wants that. It is my job, my profession, and my passion to make sure that everyone who comes to me has everything they need to build their dream house with no hidden “surprises”.

If you follow the recommendations in this report, you are going to save thousands of dollars on the building of your new home. That is a promise. It all starts with choosing the right contractor and choosing the right set of plans.  You are on your own for choosing the contractor. But I can certainly help you with the plans. As I mentioned earlier, all of my plans have been builder tested. Every one of them has been built and the plans do work. From experience I know the places where contractors will need greater direction and there are extra detailed drawings of those areas. Each of these house plans was drawn to the most exacting specifications you will find. And probably most important to you, they are the best value around. Go ahead, log on and check out what I have to offer at I know you will find something you like. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.