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We Save You $$ Two Ways

Because Better By Design LLC plans are accurate, reliable, builder tested plans, you avoid many costly delays and errors on the jobsite. When things in the field work as shown on the print everyone is happier. Materials orders are correct, the concrete dimensions match the framing dimensions and doors and windows are the right size and in the correct place. Most of all, you will not be charged extra for contractor’s return trips and re-dos.

Secondly, check out the prices of plans on the other house plan websites? Please! Do it right now…..

We knew you’d be back after seeing those prices. Our plans are often as much as 50% lower price than other home plan websites. And you’ll get 5 complete sets of any print you buy from us as opposed to only one from most of the others. Oh, and check out the price of modifying one of our competitors plans. Modifications often double the price you pay, or even more. But not when you choose Better By Design LLC prints. We make modifications to our stock plans at a low hourly rate. And we guarantee that the price you pay for a stock print plus modifications will not exceed the price you would have paid for a custom plan.

So as you can see, there are many reasons to choose Better By Design LLC.

At Better By Design LLC,
"We Plan to Make Your Dream Home a Reality!"

Custom Home Design
Custom Home Design
Custom Home Design