Our Story

Better By Design LLC was founded in 2001, in New Albany, Indiana by Bob Linnert. Since that time Better By Design LLC has produced over 4000 house plans for over 175 builders and over 1000 individual homeowner clients.

Bob was working as a Designer for a company that designed and built roof and floor truss systems, I-joist floor systems and engineered beams. As part of his job he used numerous house plans every day. One thing that Bob noticed repeatedly was that most plans, had conflicting or missing dimensions, load bearing points and walls did not stack from one floor to another, and often the roof planes were drawn incorrectly meaning the actual home looked different than the plans showed. Realizing the need for quality, builder tested home plans, Better By Design LLC was born!

Bob and his team of experienced draftsmen put their knowledge of design and engineering concepts to work in drawing plans that take into account the flow of loads from the roof to the foundation. They take care to make certain all Better By Design LLC plans are simple, easily understood, and complete. A good plan is to a home as a great musical score is to a symphony. The plan is used by the builder-conductor to lead the various subcontractor-musicians to produce a well orchestrated masterpiece. And that is why over 175 builders will tell you that Better By Design LLC plans are more accurate and reliable, higher quality plans than others they have used. That is why we serve the same builders time and time again.

At Better By Design LLC,
“We Plan to Make Your Dream Home a Reality!”

Our Team

Meet the BBD team. Actually we’re more like a family! For each of us, there’s a story of how we came to be a part of BBD. We believe that we’ve been brought together for a reason. We enjoy working together. We are able to make a living. And we all care about helping people Plan to Make Your Dream Home a Reality! At Better By Design LLC, What We Sell is Service! We know you have choices. And we appreciate you choosing to work with us!


Bob Linnert


Bob Linnert is the founder of BBD and has been drawing residential and commercial construction plans now for over 20 years. He has a varied background, working as a farmer, owner of a farm equipment dealership, science teacher, truss designer and flight instructor. Bob spends as much time as he can working in his wood shop or restoring old tractors. He wants everyone to know that he is thankful to God for so many blessings! One blessing Bob is very thankful for is his friends and team members at BBD!


Justin Ketterer, V.P.


Justin attended Ivy Tech & Ball State University, then started with BBD in 2012 while finishing his Architectural Design Degree. As Lead Draftsman, Justin helped open the company into the Louisville market and runs the Louisville office. With thousands of new construction and remodel/addition plans drawn, there isn’t much he hasn’t seen and is willing to tackle any project!



Jacob Huntley


Jacob joined the BBD family in 2017 while completing his drafting degree from Sullivan University. Since then he’s worked with hundreds of builders and homeowners designing custom house plans, remodel/ addition plans, and developing takeoff software. He’s currently an engineering student at J.B. Speed School of Engineering- University of Louisville.



Julie Schellenberger


Julie is a Kentuckiana native, has a degree in Architectural Design Technology from Ivy Tech. Julie has been drafting since 2012, including an internship and CO-OP at K&I Lumber. Previously she drafted for C&I Engineering, designing concrete and steel structures. Julie enjoys working with people to design their forever home and bringing their vision to life.



Jeremy Conder


Jeremy is the newest member of our drafting team. But he’s not new to drafting quality house plans. He has a degree in Architectural Design Technology. He began drafting in 2003 and has drawn over 2500 new construction and remodel plans for customers in the Owensboro, KY and Evansville, IN area. He recently moved with his family to Floyds Knobs, IN from Owensboro.



Desiree Hardin


Relocated to Kentuckiana from Northern Indiana and has been assisting the BBD office and clients since 2018. Des will likely be the voice you hear on the phone first. And she’ll make sure your job stays on schedule by setting appointments, directing communications, billing and printing plans. She truly is the grease that keeps BBD running smoothly! She enjoys working in the construction industry, a field that is familiar to her as it was her family’s business and trade in Elkhart, IN.

And that’s our team. We look forward to serving you by caring, listening, explaining and giving you the best of our knowledge and experience because

What we Sell is Service!