Your home, your way. Period.

Do you have a mental picture of your dream home? a sketch? a clipping from a magazine? We can produce all of the plans you and your builder will need for pricing, permits, materials ordering and construction.

Our Process

First, please spend some time on this website. Our LEARNING CENTER has ARTICLES to help you as you plan and build your new home. Our HOME NEEDS AND UTILIZATION INVENTORY will help you think through your requirements and desires for each room.(The Inventory is not required to be completed. It’s a guide to help you prepare for your first meeting with us.) And we have numerous stock plans in our ONLINE PLAN STORE. There you may find the right plan for you. Or you may find several plans with elements you like. We will take those elements and work them into a custom design just for you.

Then please call for an appointment for your free INITIAL CONSULTATION at one of our offices located in New Albany, IN or Louisville, KY. Tell us about your dream home. If you have a sketch of the home you have imagined, bring it along! Also bring photos, clippings or floor plans. Bring anything that will help communicate the style and features you are looking for in your new home. It’s at this meeting where we will try to catch your vision for your new home. After your free Initial Consultation, a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is required before the actual design work will begin. This $100 will be applied to the cost of your completed house plans.

You’ll be notified when your PRELIMINARY PLAN AND EXTERIOR VIEWS are ready to view- Then you’ll get to see the Floor Plan and several 2 dimensional ‘Elevation’ views of your new home. You may receive these by email in a format that allows you to mark comments, questions and redlines right on the plan to be returned for revisions. Or you may request an appointment to meet with us at our offices. Before receiving your Preliminary Plan you’ll be asked to make a PAYMENT OF 75% OF THE TOTAL CHARGE based on the plan square footage of your new home. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card in person, by phone or online. It is important to remember that plans should not be put into use for pricing, permits or any other purpose until paid for in full!

We aren’t mind readers. So we don’t always catch the full vision in the first meeting. Not to worry! We work through this process with you step-by-step. So mark up your preliminary plans with questions, things you like and things you want to change. Then schedule a meeting to talk through it all. Then we’ll make the requested revisions and get the plan back to you. We may go back and forth a few times until we get it exactly the way you want it.

Once the revisions are made we will print your FINAL PLAN SET. Your set will include all the plan elements your builder will need for pricing, permits, ordering materials and construction of your new home. Included in the plan set is the foundation/basement plan, main floor plan, 2nd floor/bonus plan (if applicable), elevation drawings (front, rear, left, right), cross sections, and details.

Plan pricing is calculated on the square footage of your home at a rate of 65 CENTS/ SQUARE FOOT (living area above grade). Finished basement areas are charged at a rate of 35 CENTS/ SQUARE FOOT. You will receive your Final Print Set when your balance is paid in full. Additional plan sets can be printed for an additional fee.


Further Changes and Consultation: $95 per hour
If you require further changes after your final prints are finished, we’ll assist you at an affordable hourly rate. You may need to make some changes before construction begins. Maybe you want different window sizes, or want to move a wall. Whatever your need, we will help.

All Prints are Available in Various Sizes and Formats

8 ½ X 11, ARCH Super B size 13 X 19, ARCH D Size 24 X 36, or other sizes and scales upon request.

And we can email your plans in pdf, jpeg and other formats at your request.