Let us prepare the materials takeoff list for your next project.

A “takeoff” is what builders use to estimate how much a construction project will cost. Better By Design can use your plans to create a Materials Takeoff for you and your builder. It will include how much lumber is needed, as well as shingles, drywall, concrete, brick, siding and more. It all adds up to one master list that allows you to get accurate bids from several sources. And it means you get apples-to-apples comparisons since they all use the same master list! You’ll never have to wonder if a supplier is shorting his estimate to make sure his bid is lowest! A few hundred dollars for a Materials Takeoff may save you thousands of dollars and days of downtime ordering additional materials!

What’s included in a standard takeoff list?

Basic Takeoff price is 15¢ / Sq. Ft. of total finished area in the home and includes the following:
  • WALLS (studs, plates, header material, bracing, house wrap, sheathing)
  • FLOORS (joists, sheathing, adhesive)
  • CEILINGS (joists, headers, hangers)
  • BEAMS (location & length- beam size & type TBD by supplier)
  • STAIRS (stringers, treads, risers, hangers)
  • ROOF (rafters, ridge & valley boards, bracing, sheathing, underlayment, shingles or metal roofing. Cornice, soffit, fascia, gutter)
  • WINDOWS (size & location schedule)
  • DOORS (size & location schedule)
  • CASED OPENINGS (size & location schedule)
  • TRIM (base, casing, crown, chair rail, base cap, skirt board, handrail and brackets)

Optional Add-Ons:

Each material added on is charged at 2¢ / Sq. Ft. of total finished area in the home. Add-ons are only available when Basic Takeoff is purchased.
  • INSULATION (walls & ceilings)
  • DRYWALL (walls, ceilings, screws, mud, tape)
  • PAINT (walls & ceilings)
  • FLOOR COVERINGS (area by room)
  • CONCRETE (walls, slabs, porches, patios, footers, rebar)
  • BRICK (mortar, ties, lintels)
  • SIDING (f & j channels)