What We Sell is Service!

We realize you can buy plans many places.

Better By Design LLC offers many services to fit your needs. From our stock plan collection to a complete custom plan design, our team will assist you through the process from start to finish to design your new home and more! Learn more about our services below.


Better By Design LLC offers plans for many styles and sizes of homes. Many are available on this website and others are available to be viewed and purchased by appointment at one of our offices in New Albany, IN or Louisville, KY.

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Do you have a mental picture of your dream home? a sketch? a clipping from a magazine? Bring them to us. That’s a good way to communicate the vision you have for your new home. We’ll guide you through the process and produce the plans you and your builder will need.

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Need to make a change? Our draftsmen will come to your site to find out what’s existing and how you’d like to remodel or add on. We’re experienced so you don’t have to be! Only available in the Kentuckiana Area. Contact us today.

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Our team has several plans available for Duplexes and larger multi-family housing or we will work through the process of planning new and unique projects with you. And when required, BBD plans can be reviewed and approved by a local engineer registered in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Louisiana, Alabama, and Wisconsin.

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Our experienced drafting team will assist you in developing construction plans for light commercial and industrial buildings. We’ve planned for many churches, restaurants, offices and manufacturing facilities. We work to assure plans will meet state and local codes. And our engineer will provide needed engineering services, including surveying and site planning. Please call for an appointment to discuss light commercial projects more fully.

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A “takeoff” is a list of materials that builders use to estimate how much a construction project will cost. Better By Design can use your plans to create a Materials Takeoff for you and your builder. It will include how much lumber is needed, as well as drywall, brick, siding and more. It all adds up to one master list that allows you to get accurate bids from multiple sources.

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