We Provide Plans for Multi-Family Housing

Better By Design LLC will help you through the entire process of planning from a simple duplex, all the way to a major apartment complex. Any structure that will contain more than two dwelling units requires state approval before getting your local building permit. We will work with you every step of the way to develop plans that comply with all state and local codes and requirements. Our engineer will provide any required engineering and will stamp the plans so that they can be submitted for state approval.

Contact us and let us know the details about your project. We will respond with a written proposal listing all of the plan elements we expect to be required for state and local approval and permits. And our proposal will let you know our charges for preparing the plans and obtaining state approval.

We work in partnership with Renaissance Design Build, Inc. for engineering. And they can provide all the survey and site plans you will need for even the biggest project. They will be happy to prepare a proposal for those services separately.

BBD is you one stop for complete multi-family project planning!